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In my Feelings…

It’s difficult being attracted to ANY Man with Kids, and not having any Kids myself. Why, you ask? It’s knowing and accepting the fact that I have ultra respect for Family values such as Time prioritized to kids. The time and effort given to the children creates wonderful people in the future. I know and respect that, no question

I also know, people need time of others to get to know them, feel comfortable and bond with eachother to create a stable unit, together.
For me, this causes Resistance in my emotions, which make it harder to progress. In my heart, I know, what a parent and child have is precious and No Woman or Man should want to interfere, regardless if the Adults/ Parent allow it or not.

Coming down to another resistance factor – I don’t want to Date/Fall in Love/Marry any Men with previos children. Am I Selfish… maybe a little.

Knowing that, I’m only hurting myself… I don’t ever want to compete for time, affection or Love with Anyone, especially not an innocent Child.
The child deserves everything and more, all the time.
Until the blessing comes, I will continue to Love myself even more.

Keep it #1ThouWow

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Key to Growing Up…

One of the main themes in the book is the line between thinking and doing. You argue that it’s more important to just do something than to waste years dreaming up the perfect path. How can 20-somethings to put this idea into action?

MJ: One of my favorite quotes is by American Psychologist Sheldon Kopp: “The unlived life isn’t worth examining.” Too many 20somethings have been led to believe that their 20s are for thinking about what they want to do and their 30s are for getting going on real life.  But there is a big difference between having a life in your 30s and starting a life in your 30s.  Even Erik Erikson, the father of the identity crisis, warned that young adults who spent too much time in “disengaged confusion” were “in danger of becoming irrelevant.”  If you want to be more intentional at work and in love, try working in a field you’re curious about.  Try dating someone who is different from that last person who turned out to be a disaster, and try conducting yourself a bit differently while you’re at it. Sure the 20s are for experimenting, but not just with philosophies and vacations and substances.  The 20s are your best chance to experiment with jobs and relationships.  Then each move can be more intentional and more informed than the last.
-Dr. Meg Jay

What Do YOU Do?

You know how growing up can be… Working on becoming the BEST that you can be, wanting to do all the adult things in like, wanting to Save Money, complete goals and have something to show for it right? But What Do YOU Do when you feel like you are doing almost everything right but still feel like you are NOT winning in life? What Do YOU Do when you chasing your dreams and finances to a point you are unable to mold the “Real YOU”. Some of us create wonderful dreams with other people, some NEED other people to help them create their own dreams. So WHAT DO YOU DO?

I am in my Junior Year in College for Bachelors in Fine Arts, pursuing music goals with entertainment (making songs, performing at shows, pushing my brand name and logo) I also work a Monday through Friday 7am to 5pm job…

When life becomes prioritized and your dreams are deterred, diluted or put on the back burner… Please, Don’t be bitter, Please Don’t give up on yourself… Bypass all the Bull about age and having to hurry up

Just FOCUS and BELIEVE & LOVE yourself

Its okay to change your ideas, goals, etc… IT’S APART OF GROWING!!